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We reached out to 5 million traders. Out of those we picked 4 who were successfully trading 6-figure accounts for several years. They didn't have YouTube channels, sell courses, or a TikTok following. They were all at-home traders silently making money by themselves.

We paired them up with instructional education experts to turn their knowledge into a step-by-step syllabus that anyone can follow.

There are no gimmicks and no unrealistic promises. You'll learn the right stuff, in the right order, and in the right way. No gaps.

If you're tired of learning in an unstructured way from self promoting 'gurus' then you are in the right place.

Important To Know

Every single week one of our 6-figure traders go into the markets live. They reveal their strategies, past trades, and look for new opportunities.

“These are the best traders out of 15,100 in our community & people get to learn from them for free... it’s just wild”

Zack Van Niekerk - Founder of The Trading Cafe Community

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A little about us

We’re a trading education company that’s teamed up with multiple 6-figure trading experts. We provide structured trading education to turn retail traders into ones who live off their trading income.

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