The founders of The Trading Academy reached out to 5 million traders and found a select group who built large 6-figure accounts from scratch. They meticulously extracted their expertise and crafted a structured curriculum that anyone can follow.

The Trading Academy Mission

  1. We are an education company
    We’re here to transform the way that people learn to trade.

  2. We care
    We care for people and our goal is to help as many as possible dramatically improve their lives by providing holistic results focused education.

  3. Here’s how

    We do this by providing structured education from multiple experts and scalable education systems with evolving curriculums that have a core focus on short-term and long-term transformations.

Our Team

Zack van Niekerk


A passionate expert in education. Zack is the architect of incredible curriculums. He is best described as the “visionary” of the business. Watch out! He’s here to change the trading education industry forever while always having a coffee cup in his hand.

Peter Visser


The “business guy”. Peter has spent the last 13 years as an entrepreneur who’s fallen in love with education. He’s become obsessed with science based trading methods and rigorously tests every strategy in The Academy. His family mean the world to him and he spends almost all of his time with them beer in hand.

Cornelius Visser

Executive Administrator

The admin man that everyone looks to for answers. Nelis does everything from running automatons, setting up live classes, and managing student cohorts. He also never passes up an opportunity to make a joke. Literally never.

Skyler Winkler

Instructional Course Designer

Sky turns the knowledge from our 6-figure traders into top notch education. When she’s not working she is learning music, Spanish, and a bunch of other things that make the rest of us jealous.

Jonathan van Niekerk

Student Success & Community Manager

Johnathan spends more time with students than they probably do with their families. He hosts all the live education sessions, answers questions, and pushes students to progress to 6-figures. In his spare times he creates electronic music.

Francesco Frenna

Content Writer

As the sole Canadian in the team it’s fitting that Frankie is also the friendliest and most polite. He’s a cracking writer and makes sure all our emails, posts, and other content deliver genuine value to our audience.

Simon Pullen

Academy Instructor & Six Figure Trader

Simon has been quietly making a living off his trading income for 16 years in the East Midlands of England. He's a dedicated family man, plays a lot of sport, and likes to spend his weekends with friends and wine. He teaches our students The Reversal Method in the Forex and stock markets.

Sid Naiman

Academy Instructor & Six Figure Trader

Sid lives in Arizona and puts us all to shame with the number of marathons he runs. An ex-IBM executive turned trader teaches our students his “SID Method”. Using options and equities he has a sky high win rate and an even more impressive trading account.

Alex Morris

Academy Instructor & Six Figure Trader

Alex is another Englishman who has 3 young boys that keep him on his toes. He teaches his Continuation Method in The Academy. When we first found him he was regularly pulling in $90,000 per year from trading.

Deni Dantev

Academy Instructor & Six Figure Trader

Also known as The Funded Trader, Deni is an expert of getting funding from prop firms. He trades multiple 6-figure accounts and is a hit with our students. Tucked away on the East Coast of the U.S. he loves keeping active and taking his family on vacations.

Find Out How We Operate With Our All Hands Meeting

Every single month we hold an All Hands meeting. In this meeting we invite our entire community to see how we operate behind the scenes. Below are the latest videos and recordings of these sessions.

A little about us

We’re a trading education company that’s teamed up with multiple 6-figure trading experts. We provide structured trading education to turn retail traders into ones who live off their trading income.

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